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OtherOS was a feature available in early versions of the PlayStation 3 video game console that allowed user installed software, such as Linux or FreeBSD, to run on the system. The feature is not available in newer models and is removed from older models through system firmware update , released April 1, History - Linux kernel - Distributions - AsbestOS. The Other OS function enabled users to run Linux and other platforms as alternative operating systems on Fat PS3s. SCEA denies that it did anything wrong. The Court has not decided who is right in the lawsuit. Each Class Member who submits a valid claim will be entitled to receive up to $ Claim Form - FAQs - Additional Information - Court Documents. The deadline to file a claim was April 15, Important Dates. April 15, Exclusion Deadline (postmarked). April 15, Objection Deadline.

This feature is not available on the CECH series systems. Install other system software on the hard disk. For information on types of compatible system.

This resolves, legally anyway, the removal of the so-called “OtherOS” feature from the PS3's operating system eight years ago. That feature allowed users to partition their PS3's hard drive and install Linux on it. Sony's "OtherOS" class-action settlement could mean money in your pocket. PS3 OtherOS settlement claims end next month. It's not unusual to hear giant companies being sued left and right, by other companies or by.

To be in that list, you have to provide that particular PS3 serial number and the PSN ID that used OtherOS. So while I don't think they will check.

13 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by JollitownGameplays Got a check for $ USD from the Sony PS3 Other OS litigation lawsuit verdict today. It was.

Sony is sending out settlement checks for 's PS3 "Other OS" lawsuit. Sony is reported to be finally sending out checks, that were initially.

?ftag=COS- aaa1e Remember when Sony said your PlayStation 3.

Remember back in the early day of the PS3 when you could install a full Linux distribution on your console? Other OS, as this feature would be.

However, installing Linux on a PS3 also posed something of a security issue, and Sony backtracked on the "Other OS" feature, killing it will a. After more than six years, Sony agreed to pay out millions to settle the class- action lawsuit surrounding its removal of the "install other OS". Sony recently agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit relating to the “Other OS” feature that the company deleted from the PS3, so anyone who.

I have been professionally running a Linux distribution since (my latest OS is Fedora 29) and found the "Other OS" feature of the PS3 (my.

I have just received my checks from the Sony other OS class action lawsuit yesterday, you may want to check your mailbox carefully if you have.

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